Mortgage Rates

When saving money on your interest and having flexibility is important, give Blue Sky Mortgage a call.

Mortgage Rates

1 Year2.99%– –
2 Year1.99%– –
3 Year2.79%3.05%
4 Year2.79%– –
5 Year2.39%2.70%

How can we offer lower mortgage rates?

We are licensed by the government of Ontario to help you with your mortgages. Dealing with a large volume of mortgages, we receive volume discounts which we then pass on to you. We have access to lenders across Ontario and we will always give you the best deals. We’re constantly monitoring the market to find where the rates are and we’re one of the first to know when there are new interest rate promotions. We’re constantly shopping these deals and then we offer it to you at no cost because the bank pays us to do the work.

Lowest Rates

We’re committed to finding the best deals for you. Sometimes only specific clients qualify for the lowest advertised rates seen here. Every mortgage situation can be a bit different – from the mortgage size to credit score to the down payment amount. 
Call us today and we’ll help you determine if the rate is right for you with no obligation. It only takes a few minutes to find out. We’re always upfront and we don’t play games with you. 

Approved Rates

Once you’re approved and locked in, we continue to watch for lower rates so you can rest easy that we’re always on top of things.